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Hi {{answer_58066649}}! Let's begin with design. What is your team name? *

Your team must have a name... right?
When do you need to receive your uniforms? *

This one is usually tricky. Now please keep in mind that the ordering period is roughly 5 workdays, that our standard production turnaround is 15 workdays and that shipping is usually 5 workdays. Thus your date must be at least 5 weeks away from now.
How many players are there on {{answer_58119594}}? *

We know your roster may not be finalized yet, just give us your best estimate.

Do you have a uniform design ready to go? *

Ready to go means that you have all the files required for production: illustrations, character fonts, logos and colour codes.
Would you like Taïga Ultimate to design {{answer_58119594}} uniforms less than $5 per player? *

We will create two mock ups for you within the next five business days. Ideally you pick one of them for the concept, and then we start fine tuning the details. The design cost of {{var_score}} $CAD will be invoiced separately to the team.
That's good news! Please upload the zip folder containing all {{answer_58119594}}'s design files.

If your .zip is bigger than 10 MB, drop us an e-mail after you finish the uniform builder experience at: info@taigaultimate.com
Perfect! Use the space below to describe {{answer_58119594}}'s style, colours, values, themes, and other visual requirements you have in mind.

Of course, we respect freedom of speech but we reserve the right to reject offensive content.
Alright, no problem. For DIY solutions, you can always check out this page: https://taigaultimate.com/blogs/up-the-line/get-your-gear-faster-getgoing.We will follow up with you later by e-mail about your design.

Well done! Now that we're all set with the design, let's move on to build your uniform.

You will choose the apparel items that you and your teammates will wear on the fields, customized to your team design.
Build your uniform by choosing the apparel items the players will wear. *

Well done! Are you interested in adding some swag to the mix?

Because everybody loves merch. Note that these products are optional.
Pick the items you'd like to add to your team collection.

***IMPORTANT *** For each item, there's a minimum order quantity of 12 units confirm production.

You're almost done {{answer_58066649}}! We have the design and the apparel all set. We just need to ask you six quick questions to complete the process.

In a nutshell, we want to know more about your team, and how to reach you.
What category is {{answer_58119594}} playing? *

It's always good to know who we're dealing with.

What level is {{answer_58119594}} playing? *

It's always good to know who we're dealing with.

Where is {{answer_58119594}} based? *

That has kind of an impact on shipping time and costs.

Welcome to the International Clients Club! In what country is your team located? *

You are doing an amazing job. Keep it up, you're almost done!

{{answer_58066649}}, what is your last name? *

Makes it easier to know who's who...
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Next steps:
1) Send you a detailed quote,
2) To build your private e-commerce collection containing all the chosen custom items,
3) Finally each player will be placing an individual order and set his or her personal details like sizing, printed number, and printed name.
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